• I’d love my skin to stay silky smooth. What can I use at home to optimize my waxing experience?
    Our 4 Steps to Gorgeous™ process is only the beginning to keeping your newly waxed skin smooth and sexy! To maintain these fabulous results, it's important to use our entire line of film-free products.

    Try our daily EWC® Ingrown Hair Serum, twice a day, which will help slough away dead surface skin cells to allow your hair to grow back in without obstruction, trapped hair can lead to ingrown hairs and irritation that causes itchiness and bumps.

    Next, wash daily with our EWC® Daily Exfoliating Body Wash to keep your skin film free and renewed. Then smooth on our Slow Grow Body Lotion which consists of special plant enzymes that soften and decrease the hair length and density, allowing for softer and thinner hair growth.

    Finally, once a week you can use our Post Wax Exfoliate that will help keep your skin refined and polished. Using our entire product line will allow your waxing results to last longer and will help make your subsequent reservations painless! close x

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